Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I am ready for my New Delhi, India flight, leaving in 7 hours (7:45 PM EDT 5/21/14)
Leaving out of Atlanta, GA as I am already on the road and will be for at least a few days after I return to Atlanta on June 20th.
This organized tour of the Indian Himalayas will include many new cultures, traditions and experiences and what is widely accepted as the highest motorable* pass in the world, at 18,500 feet. This altitude will be attainable thanks to the fuel injected intake system on the trusty Royal Enfield motorcycle.
I have not explored the usability of my Android phone for updating this blog and will be traveling light, so no netbook computer. Hopefully I can report progress here. If you want to make sure you get updates, as rare as they are, please send your Email addy to if you are not sure you are already on my travel email list.

See you on the other side...  :)