Monday, February 7, 2011

Portabelo to Boquete

In Lew of the mega update that is in the works I just wanna tell ya about yesterday and today.
Ulli and I said good bye to Val yesterday as he rode off to find a boat to Colombia and points south.
I entertained the idea of taking a boat with him after I got a call from my buddy, Kris Nijs, in Lima, Peru. Kris did a RTW trip from 1999 to 2003. Kris is on my Email update list so he knew I was closer to him than I am from home. We talked a while and he said I could fly the bike and myself back to the USA from Lima. Then we found out that the only airline that Kris found that would do it had a price of between 7 and $8,000 USD. That idea was squashed and so Ulli and I rode out toward Costa Rica getting a visit in at the famous Mira Flores Locks as the opened for visitors at 9:00AM. Very impressive to watch the big ships float on through past the visitors center. Pics on the way...
As Ulli and I rolled care free toward my friends in Boquete, near the Costa Rica border, we rolled to a stop at a protest march on the Pan American Highway. Apparently, from was we could gather, it is the the indigenous tribes protesting the government plans for their land. That first protest set us back an hour and a half. Then after rolling out of that, about an hour later we got stopped at another one where someone said shots were fired. Both had a heavy police presence including riot brigades with full gear.
now we are about 2.5 hours behind and this put us into a heavy rain downpour and the last 20 KM to Boquete. It was during the deluge that I noticed the Datel voltage readout standing at about 11 volts. I brought the Electrical demand to bones minimum but didn't want to pull over because I may not make it on the electrons left in the battery and there was no cover from the rain.
Well, We made it to Sharon and Mickeys house OK, but when I shut the bike down it did not have enough to start again.
The terminals were a little loose and there was some corrosion. I cleaned that up and charged the battery on Mickeys car charger. everything back in and without all the farkle wires on the battery, the bike started but only shows 12.5 or so with a few tenths increase with reving the engine.
Right now I have the charged battery disconnected and I'll see if it holds the 12.7 it currently has by the morning.
Hope it's not the alternator...anyone know the check to see if it is? I thought if there is a slight increase in voltage with reving that it might not be but I am not sure.

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