Friday, January 28, 2011

Antigua, MX to Copan, Honduras

Pics are up from Antigua, Guatemala to Copan, Honduras.  See below Picasa link.

Valerii Krishen crossed the border that George, Steve and I decided not to cross back in April at Frontera Echeverria (Corizal), MX but in the opposite (Eastern) direction so he didn't see the worst of it until the boat ride with MC in it was over.
His website is:
It has an English link in the upper right

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  1. Gee, too bad you're not havin' any fun! LOL. Glad you are riding with someone with similar riding habits. That really adds to the enjoyment of a trip. It looks like tables and seats carved out of stone - charming. Delightful part of the world to be in during the winter months!