Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Greetings from Playa la Ropa near Zehuatanejo, Mexico, a cool beach on the Mexican Riviera where I stayed three nights over six years ago. They apparently fenced the Cocodrillo (crocodile) so the can’t just meander around socializing with the Canadians.

The beach here seems to be losing some sand to the wave action of the Pacific. Some of the structures are already getting a licking from the surf.
The prices are up a bit as one would expect but other than that still a great place if you like moderate to fancy accommodations.
A cruse ship was anchored just a tad bit off the beach taking up a good percentage of the view and was leaving as I pulled in. A very relaxing place and perfect for spoiling me. It’s getting more and more difficult to up root myself and move on to the next location. Laziness is setting in and there is a hammock everywhere you look to accommodate that state of mind. A walk in the silky soft sand is the perfect foot massage and defoliant.

The news of the violent killings in Acapulco is a fly in the ointment and I am sad for all those affected. I would like to have that city behind me but I see no rush to do so. Never liked the city, too busy and obnoxious with it’s very confusing street patterns and constant horn blaring from taxis. Great bay though, very beautiful from almost any angle but in my opinion, the highlands at the south side is the one to see.

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  1. Acapulco, Arizona...it could be anywhere - just as long as you're not there! Glad you're having such great weather, a wonderful ride, meeting so many nice people, and taking advantage of the surf. Photos of you playing in the waves at Bel Air in PV came out great. They're on FB and I have more. Finally got battery so I could turn camera on to upload photos. Camera is fully operational once again. Enjoy. Love, Jo