Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A ride after a sad goodbye to the gals...

Georgette and JoAnn are probably in the air heading home now, after a sad farewell to the our time togther in PV.
I really had a ball with them here. I decided to spend some time with Jose an Lety and will stay one more night here in PV at his house.

Later, Jose and I had some fun riding up the San Sebastian in the highlands east of PV. He rode his '89 Honda VTR 250 and led me down a long cobble stone and dirt road to a great little restaurant in the historic old mining town. Tight little cobbled streets with a gorgeous coffee smell wafting from the roasting process at the plantation just outside town lured us in further.
We visited Fausto on the way back down to PV. He wrote out his entry for the STOC TAG in Spanish and as it turns out he is quite the poet and singer/song writer as well as mechanic, custom home builder, and musician. He is trying to regain his emotional balance after a painful breakup with his girlfriend.

Jose wanted to beat the traffic heading back so we got a bit naughty through the lines of vehicles, something I would not do if I were alone. I'm back in the swing of the traffic patterns here. A good time to pass is whenever you can and it often happens at the topes where everyone is slowed to almost a stop. Bikes can often get a break at certain topes where there is a gap just big enough to ride through without the belly pan crashing down hard.
All in all, it's good to be alive.

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