Sunday, January 16, 2011

Puerto Escondido

I got up at about 7 AM this morning, about the same time Mathew, one of my two Swiss twenty something roommates came back from a long night of partying.  Christian showed up as I was starting to check E-mail by the palm lined pool at the Hotel Rockaway in Puerto Escondido. Still quite tipsy and in a very good mood, he tried to explain what he could of his evening. From what I gathered, I would never have made it through unless I add 25 years more youth.
Here I meet Christian, Mathew, who offered a bed to me in thier four bed room. Leah is the surfer in this group. I was surprised to find that Chris and Mathew were NOT surfers. I mean, just look at them:

A few days ago I got to Puerto Escondido after a grueling but otherwise enjoyable 326 mile day from Zehuatenajo on the heals of the dozens of killings in and around Acapulco a couple of days prior.
To avoid the traffic and noisy confusing streets in Acapulco, I rode around to the north where military check points were on high alert. At one check point, I had the treat of a full body pat down and every storage bag on the bike searched for weapons or drugs. After a few friendly questions about my bike and trip, they smiled, Adios.
I thanked them for keeping us safe from the bad guys and went to lunch down the road.
A few kilometers later  I stopped for lunch and was invited to join a family celebrating their daughters (2nd from left) 17th birthday at the road side restaurant. Boy were they excited about the big ride from New York.
The fellow on the far right enouraged me to come stay at the Princess Hotel on the Acapulco strip where he is a doorman.
“…Yes, the one John Wayne stayed in…”

Though George, Steve and I were here in Puerto Escondido back in April, we did not spend the time that was needed to get a good feel for the place.

Now it’s hard to leave.

Local hooligans of PE
A band and dance at our hotel
Baby Sea turtle release day

There is a good mix of ages and nationalities. The largest outsider group is apparently Canadian and many of the snowbirds and permanent residents are retired people who are evidently feeling relaxed about there appearance, looking like well tanned Albert Einsteins in sacklike muscle shirts with beer bellies.
There is plenty for the youngsters of all ages here, though. As shown here the kids are all having fun:

                                                                      A water safety class being held at the pool at our hotel:
More pics:


  1. Puerto Escondido looks amazing and the name is so great to just say! Another great place in this amazing world of ours. Looks like you are not only having a good time, but making good time on the road. Weather looks perfect - yet again. You're traveling during the perfect time of year in that part of the world. Stay safe.

  2. Oh honey, what a beautiful place and what GREAT pictures here and on Picasa. That was serendipity meeting the GA HU couple and making new friendships. I loved the series on the turtle babies. I rooted for each and every precious one to make it to the ocean. Loved seeing the kids cavorting on the Razors and mugging for the camera. In the videos, the surf certainly is much fiercer than what we had in PV. By the time you get back to Moonshine, the TAG book will be filled. (LOL) What a trip you're giving the "boys"! Is this your favorite place so far? Muchos besos mi amor.