Saturday, November 20, 2010


It is a sad day of grief. Terry Hammond died of a massive fatal heart attack while working his farm in Illinois.
Terry, who founded the Moonshine Long Distance Lunch ride,
 became like a brother to me while I was on my ride to Belize with George Catt. He hosted the engine swap I needed to continue and complete that trip. He looked at me squarely in the eyes and said with perfect sincerity, "Danny, my shop is your shop, my house is your house. Take as long as needed and you can borrow my car [to go the 12 hours round trip] to get the replacement engine"
I had just seen Terry in what appeared to be perfect health, at the Moonshine Lunch ride in Casey, IL. less than a week ago.
I am currently in Dallas, but will drive back to Casey for the memorial/funeral. It will be about 14 hours one way.
My host in Dallas, Sandy, will be taking her car and I'll share the driving.
People are flying in for this one as Terry was a very active member of the riding community and a very high profile citizen of Casey.
I grieve, again,,, the loss of a brother.

The trip will continue with more motivation that ever after we get back to Dallas.
I pledged to Terry I would connect the November rally with the main one in April with a single continuous ride of about five months.
Here is Terry and wife, Cindy right after the completed engine swap job bach in April 2010.

Apologies for the hit and miss updates. Still getting used to the blog format.
Gotta pack for the trip north.


  1. Danny,
    I am very sorry about your loss!!!
    Hang in there, bro!!!
    My condolences to the family... :(

  2. Dan... express my sympathy as I cannot make it. I had planned on MLR 2012

  3. Danny dear,
    Sending condolences to you for a man I only got to know...through your...eulogy here on paper.
    An inspiration to us all...the kindness...
    Sounds like a king of kings.

  4. could not be there in person. You have lost a brother and it hurts terribly. I only knew Terry Hammond through our conversations and I so looked forward to joining you at Moonshine next April and finally meeting him and TLC. Now it will be a bittersweet meeting. He is riding new roads now.