Saturday, November 13, 2010

Monnshine, IL Ride to Eat rally

Currently at the Moonshine RTE in Casey, IL. Sure wish it would get a name change to Sunshine rally although I doubt it would help the weather outlook here.
Got the rear tire changed out to the ST1100 Exedra without a hitch since its only 10mm wider.
New drive chain and an extra tooth countershaft sprocket installed too. Bikes running great.
Whole new set of Metzler Tourances are waiting for me at Yuma, AZ along with the HID lights that needed service at Trail Tech.
The machine is running like a deer now but not when it needed a fuel delivery on I-78 in PA three hours out heading to Beckley, WV on the first day.

Terry's house had to have about forty riders in his shop for the buffet last night. Very nice time and great reminiscing about the engine swap that occurred right there before the Belize ride with George and Steve.
Just posting from a McDonald's here before the wet ride up to get the Moonburger. Not sure about the attendance yet but Terry was kinda hoping for a rainy day today so we can keep the event limited in numbers to the dedicated riders.
More as it becomes possible.

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  1. Glad to hear the tire worked out. I know we had discussed it before you left. Is there a problem with the gas gauge?

    "The machine is running like a deer now. . . ." Eek. Don't say DEER.

    Glad to know that you're tired and chained and sprocketed. Sounds like a porn movie. LOLOLOL