Monday, November 29, 2010

Just got back from some pretty good Chili Relenos in Las Cruces...
Midland, TX was an interesting overnite stay with one of the old STOC e-mail list members from way back...Ronnie Bowen.

Ronnie is a master clock builder/restorer and can fix or build just about anything.

Here is what used to be ..."a pile of rust"... Ronnie restored it to better than the original John Deer cash register it was. I even got to crank it...CHA CHING!

He even has one of the largest and maybe THE largest collection of Sheriff and Police badges in the USA. Over six hundred of them, some over a hundred years old

More pics with captions here:
I'm in Las Cruses now trying to warm up after a really cold head wind was beating on my all day. It's OK, it just gunna make Mexico feel that much better.  :)


  1. Way to go, Danny!!!
    Glad you are having fun !!!

  2. Ronnie looks great. WOW job on all the restorations. Sorry about the cold, but Mexico is right around the corner. Can't wait to meet up with you and Georgie Girl in Puerto Vallarta. I already started packing--and I NEVER pack until 15 minutes before I'm on the way to the airport. So excited.

  3. Hope ya gave Ronnie a big hug from all his ol' STRider friends. He hasn't poSTed since 07.

  4. Real good such à blog, i'm not that clever with my iPad yet. As always ride safe, and don't forget to fill up in time (grin) are there any smllies here??