Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Farewell to a brother

Hi Everyone, I am back in Dallas after a detour back to Casey IL. for services for Terry Hammond, a great friend.
We all just saw him in what appeared to be good health just a few day prior to his death by heart attack.
Terry started the Long Distance Ride To Eat Rally known as the Moonshine Lunch Run. He was also the host of the engine swap I needed to continue the trip to Belize back in April, 2010.
 Without having met him before April, he peered into my helpless eyes with his hand on my shoulder and a sincerity that crystallized the space between us "Danny, my shop and house are yours for as long as it takes...Thank you for the privileged of having this moon launch of a ride leave from my shop..." 
It was such a bitter sweet experience to have been a part of the standing room only church funeral in Casey

Prayers out for Cindy and the family. 
Thanks can be given for the privilege of having known a great man.
Enjoy the Holiday.
This interview of one of our members gives a much better idea than I could peck out, of the kind of man Terry was and the farewell given for him.
Below was copied from the ST-Owners MC forum.
Our buddies Grizz & Tom Laudermilk had a special segment last night on Side-Stand-Up (SSU) about Terry. Anyone that would like to listen to it can do so by listening to "Past Episodes" Just go to : ----- click on the "Orange Thingy" below the monkey on the left side and pick the November 23rd episode # 294. It's the first segment of the show. There is a technical pause at the beginning so hang-in.Tim

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  1. He touched the lives of so many. What at extraordinary person. His life has given inspiration to others to live each day to the fullest.

    I could not get through the entire radio show without weeping. I wish so much I had had the chance to meet Terry Hammond.