Sunday, November 7, 2010

WEE ride to the sun on a bike with no name...

 ...well, maybe if I listen closely I'll hear her name on this* ride.
The plan is to ride out of NY this Weds. 11/10 and meet with the Post Post Moon Shine RTE in Casey, IL on Sat. 11/13. After a rear tire and drive chain swap it's full tilt southbound riding til' I'm back in at least 60 degree F weather so I can deep-stow the winter gloves at least.
Wanted to get to the Swamp Scooters Rally in LaFayette, LA but can't do both due to overlaping dates.
Then explore So Cal since I've never ridden there much at all.
A Tecate to Cabo post Baja 1000 run is in the mix with a strong likelihood of off road adventures on the DL650.

Final destination: Unknown but I have a date in Puerto Valarta, MX with Dr. Jose Luis Vasquez, the long lost Mexican STOC member and good friend.

He's retiring in about three months and is currently riding an 1800 wing.
Georgette and another friend will fly in to PV for a visit from 12/23 to 1/5.

As it stands now I am pretty psyched up for this ride and am ready for it to be the usual trip of a lifetime. :happy
Hopefully, there will be folks interested in riding along for segments of this trip.  :yes

Wondering: Should I try to drag these tires along strapped to the crash bars, or can I find a place to ship them ahead to So CAL where I can get them mounted to have fresh Metzler Tourance's as I enter MX at Tecate. :)

On my return leg from wherever...another Moonshine RTE in April.
Interested how this'll turn out...Hope to see y'all out there.

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  1. Hey Danny,
    Lois and I are in Longboat from Dec.15-Jan 1st..Stop by if your in the neighborhood. Plenty room for you in your own bedroom this time...
    Your trip sounds wonderful.Thanks for putting me on the receive list..All's well here..beautiful fall. Riding the Piaggio 3 wheeler in the leaves works pretty well compared to other bikes i've "slid"on.. Chuck