Friday, December 3, 2010

Mesilla to San Diego

The town of Mesilla shown here is right next door to Las Cruces, NM where I stayed a couple of days waiting for th cold to break.
I never really did warm up but at least I got a bit of rest and recovery from my cold and cough.
The morning I rolled out of Las Cruces, it was 22 degrees. I ran that temp right up to about 70 degrees in Yuma, AZ 10 hours and 500+ miles later.
Tom is my host in Yuma and is my base of ops before crossing into Mexico on or about Dec. 13.
Meantime, I am touring and visiting as much of SoCal as I can during the next few days.

Currently it's in the upper 50's here in San Diego. Thought I'd check out the zoo tomorrow. Hear it's world famous for it's Serengeti syms.

More pics with better resolution and captions here:

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