Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baja, MX

Well, I caught a good draft in my sails this morning after I left northbound Cheri.
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She is a retired pilot and a very interesting traveler who settled in Baja on the Sea of Cortez.
We shared a dinner and conversation last night before she turned in at about 9PM.
She left the motel in El Rosario at 6AM. I set my alarm in order to say goodbye and get the predawn picture. Even got her to "bless" the PAN World MEM TAG.

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See here for more on that:
She had been living in Mexico on and off since 1956 and had plenty of good info.
Until now, I had been feeling a little like the first BIG ride I took in 98'. All push and drag ... with thoughts only of what I left unattended back home, such as did I leave the stove on, are all the preparations indeed done? ...and the like. Pushing pushing, pushing the trip forward. Then there is some unseen line crossed where suddenly home is at all compass points, like a switch was thrown. Why I had such a time of it off and on for the first month, I don't know but Terry's untimely death could be part of it. Just glad I am experiencing that old familiar "at home on the road" feeling.
What helps to no end is the four Road Angels I encountered so far. Those people who just seem to appear right when you really could use a friend.
Terry rides with the wind now so he is there in it with me.

It's as if, well, when you think to far ahead it seems a daunting undertaking.
What is really happening is the red carpet is unrolling just a short distance ahead of me and not the whole distance.

Cheri told me not to think about things that probably will never happen. I replied, "I spend my whole life thinking about things that probably will never happen." She laughed.

Anyway, had a great ride if being pulled mentally and not "pushing" the trip like a sack of potatoes.

Even needed to get gas from a Jerry can on the side of the road at 6 bucks a gallon. Beats running out again and paying $22.50 per gallon.
And then there is David, who I started talking to while rolling down the main drag in Guerrero Negro in the left lane. He is bicycling from Anchorage to Argentina over a two year span. We are sharing a campsite in town.

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Just when I think I am doing something great, along comes...
Humility Man!

Capped pics:

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