Saturday, December 18, 2010

Silent Night...

Update: La Paz, ideal, traffic: heavy....Atmosphere: Festive...Locals and travelers: happy...burocracy at the ferry and Aduana: Very frustrating

With all the good shtuPH (George? spel chech pleese...) going on I am ambivalent to report the 1.5 hours I burned to get a vehicle permit and ticket for me and el Moto for Mazatlan tomorrow.

The schedule is for a 17:00 hours tomorrow cuz there ain't no ferry on Monday (or it's full, I can't tell which)

Riding out of that silent night camp last night was a little sad cuz it was SOOO peaceful you could hear the whispers of the folks on the boats out over the water. Many of the sailing vessels were lite up for Christmas, SOOO beautiful, so different.
The fish active at the waters surface...shined my headlamp into the water late into the night and something that could've weighed in at 25 lbs. got a good startle as did I.

Three quarter moon illumed the mountains outline both east and west of me.
It was scary pretty.

Wonder how far Birgit and Jeurgen got to? They'll not be on the ferry tomorrow, I suspect.

Now I'm at a coffee shop W/WI FI right at the corner of the Centro Park.
Traffic, pedestrians, pretty, smiley waitress,

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