Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Reunion

I want y'all to see the get together with the good Dr. Jose Luis Vasquez, who I rode to Mexico to visit six years ago also...

Jose gets the news that Charley Woods died while signing the Memorial TAG book He was noticeably moved since he had correspondence with him while having bike trouble. Lety, Jose's wife, is baking delicious smelling deserts for Christmas.

We are at Carlo's, Jose's brother, penthouse condo in the PV heights.

Jose and Rodrigo, his son in Edmonton, Alberta, Skype for the Christmas Eve Holiday. So much wonderful emotion flowing and being expressed at this Christmas reunion.

Joy permeates the holiday at this traditional get together. Everyone very happy to have G and me there to share it.

A tradition is to share a bit of nice words with humor about the person you are giving a gift to.
A good opportunity to tell all how you really feel.  :)
The two guys in the foreground are Jose's brothers and the one on the right is the manager of the Hotel Belair where we are staying.

Some of what was funny was translated for us. Some didn't need any translation.
Jose and Lety make a point.

More pics- click below

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