Friday, December 24, 2010

Stuck on the beach...

Well, G and I were mounting up for a day ride to the mountains when I discovered there were no electrons left in the battery. Seems I left the bike in ACC. mode for 20 hours. It won't take a charge from a car jump now. The folks at the hotel desk got their hands on a skimpy looking but new jumper cable...It was apparently not heavy enough to start the bike, only the dreaded clicking sound of the solenoid. So we kept in on there for what turned out to be 1/2 hour with the car running. Never got it to a charge sufficient to turn the starter more than a split second. A heavy set of cables should do it but lacking a charge on the battery after a 1/2 hour causes me and others here to doubt the viability of the battery.

Jose is coming at 6:30 with a charger we'll see at that point what the deal is.
Here is where we had to spend the day...

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