Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mulege, Baja

Took a day off to wander around Mulege, a small but very Mexican town with quite a few non Mexicans passing through, wintering and living here fulltime.
Here is WEE eastbound out of San Ignacio toward Mulege...

And here is my ST1100 westbound out of Mulege toward San Ignacio 6+ years ago...

Richard, from S. Africa and Gabriella from Austria were easy targets to help do honor to the fallen riders here in front of the 18th century mission in downtown San Ignacio, Baja. They get together and travel only once per year. Other than that, they live entirely separate lives.

Birgit flew in to meet Juergen and bicycle together for a four day ride to La Paz, Baja. Juergen will continue into his sixth month of his two year bicycle ride to Ushuia, Argentina. Birgit will take a job and go to school in Mexico City. They are "just friends"  I may see them again on the road to La Paz.

They are ready to pedal out to La Paz here...

A view from above Mulege at the future museum. The building at upper right is where the next shots are taken looking back.

Talked to a guy just before stepping into the Mulege mission church. He used to live in the Bronx...small world.

Here is a Frigate bird in a dive. There are more Frigates in the album link below.

Mulege is a great town to sttle into a long term ride through Mexico. The slow pace and smiling faces make it feel more like home...not exactly, but a little.
Hope you enjoy the pics here too...:D

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