Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas all...

I didn't want to bypass Mazatlan as we off loaded from the ferry. I stayed there 6 years ago at the Hotel Belmar, a crumbling relic of the city's hayday years in the 50's. Quite a few famous folks have stayed there including John Wayne. Parts of the giant hotel are condemned but they keep certain parts of it up and running. Very friendly service....$30 a night. To say it could use a coat of paint is an understatement.

Anyway in order to stay ahead of schedule, I hung with Jeff from Santa Cruz, CA, who shared his two extra cabin beds with John and me.
For two days I enjoyed his antics and dry humor. His skill with the many travel books he totes was fun to observe. He reads them while at home for pleasure all the time.
Between his books and my GPS we found Novellero beach and Ricon de Gauyabitos, two great places to relax and enjoy the Pacific Ocean.

Jeff's plan doesn't match mine after the two days...he wants to ride to Argentina and fly the bike back to Santa Cruz from there. An ambitious plan for a guy who has only been riding for one year so far, but hey, Ted Simon set out to circumnavigate the world a few days after learning how to ride.

We both wanted to ride further together but my 14 day commitment in PV is an obstacle that can be overcome. He rode south and I am here at a fancy-pants hotel on the beach with Georgette. Jeff and I are going to try to connect again in Central America somewhere.
Meantime, G and I are off to get some breakfast and talk about a ride in the country somewhere. Good to have her on board...

Tonite, BIG dinner with Jose and his family here in Puerto Vallarta, MX...


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