Monday, December 13, 2010

It was a great time camping with everyone at Christmas STOCing in Borrego Springs. After we all said goodbye, I called Verizon to set my phone up for full coverage in Mexico on Sunday Morning, we'll see how that works.

Tom took the ride down some great roads to the Tecate border crossing with me after we broke camp at the STOCing gathering. Border paperwork took ten minutes after I got Pasos on the US side.
That 19 inch front tire got it’s duty soon as I was south out of Tecate. Ran smack into Mexico’s new push to improve their road system. On and off gravel and dust covered washboard clay for about the first forty miles.
Didn’t think I’d make San Filipe before dark with the construction delays so redirected to Ensenada where I found this place.

Couldn’t ask for a better camp sight. At night I counted at least a dozen shooting stars in about 10 minutes. From here, easy to see we are all just travelers in the larger view of things.

To kill some time after dusk and before turning in, I rode to Danny’s place where I chatted with Gracia and Danny himself.

Got some good info about some useful items such as the Green Angels. They are volunteers standing ready to help travelers in trouble on the road.  Just dial  074 apparently.

Seems I crossed the border and my “full coverage” phone service didn’t show up yet. I got zilch…
Found out after talking to someone who had Verizon in Mexico, and their coverage is really weak. Only a few areas are covered and I haven’t found them yet. Further discussion reveled there is a fix but I have to deal with Telcel in Mexico to make my Droid usable by Mexican carriers.
This whole developement didn’t help me feel connected to my friends.
But then I just had dinner with Sherry, a retired Pilot who has been living in Mexico on and off since 1956. She was a encyclopedia of info on what's up in Mexico...and Panama.
Cold front rolling through so tomorrow I'll continue south.
Capped pics here:

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  1. You are just having a grand time. New people, new places - lots of fun.
    Not to be left, party, party...and holiday get-togethers here. Georgette is coming out for the weekend and we are dining with Mom & Leo on Saturday. My company party (about 300 and it's my "deal") is this Thursday. A little light jazz an atrium and some pot stickers, oyster/clam/shrimp bar, carving stations - good people - all will make for a delightful day. Nancy & Ken are coming down from Maine - should arrive on the 21st. They'll stay at my house almost till I return. We'll have only the 22nd & 23rd together--Val & Paul invited me to dinner on the 21st--Christmas Eve & Day in Barnegat and then I'm on a plane to Puerto Vallarta. Can't wait to get there. It's 19 degrees and the flag is waving all around - a very brisk wind indeed. Enjoy the delightful weather...see you soon! Love, Jo