Friday, December 17, 2010

Puerto Escondido

Today, after riding only about two hours out of Mulege through some of the most spectacular mountains, I was surprised to see Birgit and Jeurgen, the bicyclists from Germany, who pedaled out the morning before.
They were struggling up a steep hill at the time so I only checked on them as I was still rolling trying to match their speed.
Jeurgen was sweating profusely with drops continuously falling off his nose.
Birgit looked in OK shape but to get to La Paz in four days at this rate will be a task.

Jeurgen mentioned a beach up the road about 30 KM but I couldn't find a turnout at that distance, however, I did roll another 80 or so and found a beach that was perfect. I even was right on time to see a fishing boat unload it's shellfish into a truck right at the shoreline. Even got a scallop nearly the size of a cue ball cut from it's shell for me to sample. Hope that picture comes out OK. It's a classic.

Rode out to the shoreline in soft sand but it was to early to stay out there without food so here I am 16 KM north again at a fancy restaurant, the ONLY game in the town of Puerto Escondito. There is a slealth spot about a klick from here where I'll pitch tent right at the waterline anyway. Don't have to cajones to redo the softsand in the dark.
It's really quiet here where boats are overnighting from all over. Very scenic.
Wish y'all were here. I'm the only one in the reasaurant and it's 6:15 PM.


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  1. Oh, I think that restaurant is pretty crowded with all the people who are with you in spirit on this trip. You are certainly not alone on this journey.
    : )

    It sounds so lovely and peaceful. I'm looking forward to seeing it firsthand. xo